Bradley Grosh
​Community Outreach
Bradley manages our ever-important relationships within the community.
Sam Kromstain
Chief Legal Counsel
Sam's our legal voice locally and in Washington, D.C.
Key Person Insurance
It takes a team of dedicated professionals to make sure that our clients are treated like royalty. We operate a different type of firm, and have been for over 15 years. Our clients range 9 days to 90 years old and span both coasts. 
Our mission is to provide each and every person with a good understanding of how insurance works, what their true needs are and how insurance can help them and their business. We hold hands and do all the shopping...treating you like the King and Queen that you are. 

Most new businesses set a buy sell agreement in place, to protect the partners and their families. what does that mean and where does the money come from to "buy" the shares of the business owner? The answer is usually a type of Life Insurance. Ask us for more information on this coverage.

Learn more about our founder, David Bacall.

About Us

Mark Priston
​Social Media
Mark helps us get the
​ word out one tweet, post, and like at a time.
Group Benefits

Every company has a key employee or two. It may be you or someone you hired, but without that Key Person, revenue will be lost. 

We offer protection against the death or disability of Key Persons, to protect you and your company.

Insurance doesn't have to be a dirty word.

John McCoist
Chief Financial Officer
John manages the money to keep our services flowing.

A Professional, client-centric brokerage firm.

No matter what the size and needs of your business are. We have the expertise to make your employees feel appreciated, without upsetting your P&L. 

​Ask us more about what benefits we can offer to you and your company.

Buy Sell Funding